Tools to help you rapidly build Phoenix web applications without worrying about design or reinventing the wheel.

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The Petal Stack

Stop rewriting code.

We’re all creating the same code over and over again in our own silos. Every new project requires boilerplate code: buttons, forms, auth, emails and so on. We decided to identify code common in all projects and build one perfect version of it, saving us time and money on every new project. And now it’s available for everyone - we hope it can help you too!

Matt Platts
ElixirConf speaker
Nic Hoban

Build your UI with Petal Components

A beautiful set of 50+ open source components written in HEEX and styled in Tailwind CSS. Get started now with a fresh Phoenix project with Petal Components installed.

Petal Components

Power your next project with Petal Pro

Building products isn't easy and you can often find yourself reinventing the wheel. Jumpstart your next product with our feature-rich Phoenix boilerplate. Go from inception to launch quicker than you ever imagined possible.

Petal Pro

Hire Us

Need PETAL expertise? Engage with us for tailored development solutions. We offer swift results and reliable service. Limited availability so get in early.

  • 20+ years experience in web app development
  • History developing successful solutions for clients
  • Software Engineer + UX Designer - powerful combo
  • Fast and reliable delivery so you hit your dev timeline
  • Outcome/scope-driven approach
  • Friendly service and timely communication
Petal Pro Features
Hit the ground running on your next web application project.
Fast development

We’ve found using Petal Pro boilerplate with Petal components greatly speeds up our dev time.

Social logins

Allow your users to conveniently sign up/login with Google & Github. We also make it super easy to add more social login providers.

Passwordless auth

Give your users the ability to register/sign in via a pin code sent to their email.


Create an organization, invite & manage members, and more.

i18n - gettext

Support for internationalization with gettext in non-admin areas.

Deploy in minutes

Add a working dockerfile and ensure all the config is correct for deployments right off the bat.

Oban support

Create background and cron jobs easily with Oban. We have provided an example worker to get you started.

Styled components

Modular HEEX components beautifully styled with Tailwind CSS. No more worrying about your lack of design skills.

Email templating

Create and edit your transactional emails with our custom built HTML email template previewer.


Petal Pro boilerplate comes with phx.gen.auth installed and customised to use Petal components so it looks pro right out of the box.

Utility functions

A collection of handy functions to help you with little things like truncating, money formatting and handling plurals.

Admin addons

See a list of your users. Track their activity with logs. Post your user activity to Slack. And more…

Continuous updates

Petal Pro is frequently updated with new features. Every purchase will gain access to 1 year of updates.

Custom generators

CRUD beautiful interfaces quickly with and petal.gen.html.


World-class documentation with a comprehensive guide to get you started.

Stripe Billing

Stripe Billing is integrated into Petal Pro. Selling subscriptions to your users or organizations is a breeze.

Saving devs thousands of hours
Here’s what some of them are saying about Petal Pro…
  • Jack Gray
    Author of the Phoenix Deployment Handbook

    I'm going through the @PetalFramework documentation for my 1st project. It is fantastic! The docs cover every available feature. It walks you through the steps to use it for a reminder app. Looks awesome and I still need to dig into the components.

  • Randy Schmidt
    Web Developer and Project Manager

    Petal Pro has been brilliant. I have a couple products in post-wireframe pre-marketing to the general masses and Petal Pro lets me focus on spiking the core functionality without being distracted by fiddly details. And there are a ton of things built in when I decide if/when to take them from spike phase to final product.

  • Maciej Gryka
    Automating things at @RainforestQA

    Just wanted to say that I'm having loads of fun creating something with Pro, thanks for all the work.

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Everything you need to know
Frequently Asked Questions.

Petal Pro is for developers who are looking to rapidly build Phoenix web applications without worrying about design or reinventing the wheel.

Our aim as always is to get you up and running as quickly as possible and taking you from idea to end product in record time.

This makes Petal Pro perfect for technical entrepreneurs looking to build a side hustle or MVP.

We have obsessed over making Petal Pro as comprehensive, but as flexible as possible. Every decision is carefully considered to avoid polluting the code base but giving you extensive optional functionality in the form of recipes to cover the most common use cases.

Petal Pro is great for beginners and experienced developers alike. A great place to get started and view the potential of Petal Pro is to check out our step-by-step guide for building a reminder app.

A subscription gives you access to the latest version of Petal Pro.

When you purchase Petal Pro, you will be added as a member to the Github repository for easy updates and the ability to download new & old versions from the downloads page of your member login.

We are regularly updating and adding new functionality to Petal Pro based on new ideas we have, feedback and feature suggestions.

You can see previous updates by looking at the versions on our downloads page.

You can cancel your subscription at anytime, however upon cancelling:

  • you’ll lose access to the Github repo and the ability to download any new versions of Petal Pro.
  • you won’t however, lose access to any versions that were released prior to or during your subscription period

Yes you can, simply purchase a subscription and then cancel it immediately. You will be able to download the latest version of Petal Pro for one year.

After that year ends:

  • you’ll lose access to the Github repo and the ability to download any new versions of Petal Pro.
  • you won’t however, lose access to any versions that were released prior to or during your subscription period

Yes you can, you will just have to pay the difference in price between single and unlimited.

No, unfortunately. We’re big advocates of open source, but giving away Petal Pro code directly/indirectly for free will foreseeably affect our product sales.

We would love to keep improving / maintaining Petal and our suite of products to benefit our current and future members. If our code is easily accessible in an open source project then our sales may drop and we won’t be able to afford to keep the project running.

Essentially, it is fine to build anything you like, as long as it does not directly/indirectly compete with our products and/or affect our product sales.

Of course! Depending on which license you purchase, you may create a single project or unlimited projects. That could be be a new personal side hustle SaaS application or a commercial venture you aim to exit and sell in the future.

Essentially, you’re find to build anything you like as long as it does not directly/indirectly compete with our products and/or affect our product sales.

For more information, read through our license or if you have any further licensing concerns, please email us on

While we do not offer technical support directly, we do offer customer support for non-technical related enquiries e.g account management and licensing concerns, however the general expectation is that our customers have the requisite knowledge of the Petal stack.

In saying that you can always join our Discord community and ask questions there. We usually can solve your problem there (or some other member will) - we just can’t guarantee it.

If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, shoot us an email us at within 7 days and we’ll refund you in full, no questions asked.