Components Dropdowns
A dropdown is a compact UI element that allows a user to select from different options.
Basic dropdown
          <.dropdown label="Dropdown">
    <HeroiconsV1.Outline.home class="w-5 h-5 text-gray-500" />
    Button item with icon
  <.dropdown_menu_item link_type="button" label="button item" />
  <.dropdown_menu_item link_type="a" to="/" label="Link" />
  <.dropdown_menu_item link_type="a" to="/" label="Link with method" method={:put} />
  <.dropdown_menu_item link_type="live_patch" to="/" label="Live Patch" />
  <.dropdown_menu_item link_type="live_redirect" to="/" label="Live Redirect" />
  <.dropdown_menu_item phx-click="some_phoenix_click_event" label="Phoenix click event" />

Unlabelled dropdown
  <.dropdown_menu_item label="Item 1" />
  <.dropdown_menu_item label="Item 2" />

Custom dropdown trigger
    <div class="inline-flex items-center justify-center w-full align-middle focus:outline-none">
      <.avatar size="sm" src="img_1.png" />
      <HeroiconsV1.Solid.chevron_down class="w-4 h-4 ml-1 -mr-1 text-gray-400 dark:text-gray-100" />
  <.dropdown_menu_item label="Item 1" />
  <.dropdown_menu_item label="Item 2" />

          # <.dropdown>
attr(:options_container_id, :string)
attr(:label, :string, default: nil, doc: "labels your dropdown option")
attr(:class, :string, default: "", doc: "any extra CSS class for the parent container")

attr(:menu_items_wrapper_class, :string,
  default: "",
  doc: "any extra CSS class for menu item wrapper container"

attr(:js_lib, :string,
  default: "alpine_js",
  values: ["alpine_js", "live_view_js"],
  doc: "javascript library used for toggling"

attr(:placement, :string, default: "left", values: ["left", "right"])
attr(:rest, :global)
slot(:inner_block, required: false)

# <.dropdown_menu_item>
attr(:to, :string, default: nil, doc: "link path")
attr(:label, :string, doc: "link label")
attr(:class, :string, default: "", doc: "any additional CSS classes")

attr(:link_type, :string,
  default: "button",
  values: ["a", "live_patch", "live_redirect", "button"]

attr(:rest, :global, include: ~w(method download hreflang ping referrerpolicy rel target type))
slot(:inner_block, required: false)