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Floating div

A div positioned by Floating UI on mount, attached to an element of your choosing. Renders as hidden before mounting to prevent flash of unstyled content issues.

How to access

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This comes with the Petal Framework private hex package. Purchase a membership to get access to this package. It can be used with any Phoenix project. Post-expiration, you'll retain access but won't be eligible for updates from newer versions.

Here's an example of how you might use the floating div:

Attributes & Slots:

  attr :id, :string, required: true, doc: "The ID of the floating div container."

  attr :attach_to_id, :string, required: true, doc: "The ID of the element to attach to on mount with Floating UI."

  attr :class, :string, default: "", doc: "Classes to apply to the floating div, in addition to Floating UI required defaults (`hidden absolute w-max top-0 left-0`)"

  attr :placement, :string, default: "right-start", doc: "The position of the flyout relative to the element it's attached to. Defaults to `right-start`, see [Floating UI docs]( for available values."

  attr :show_on_mount, :boolean, default: false, doc: "Whether to show the floating div on mount. Defaults to false so it's hidden until triggered otherwise."

  attr :float_offset, :map, default: nil, doc: "A map of options to pass to Floating UI offset middleware client-side. For example: `%{"mainAxis" => 32}`. Defaults to `nil`. See [Floating UI Docs]("

  attr :rest, :global, doc: "Any additional HTML attributes to add to the floating container."

  slot :inner_block, required: true