Components Pagination


Pagination is the method of splitting up content into discrete pages. It specifies the total number of pages and inidicates to a user the current page within the context of total pages.
Basic pagination
          <.pagination link_type="a" class="mb-5" path="/:page" current_page={1} total_pages={10} />
<.pagination link_type="live_patch" class="mb-5" path="/:page" current_page={5} total_pages={10} />
<.pagination link_type="live_redirect" class="mb-5" path="/:page" current_page={10} total_pages={10} />
<.pagination path={fn page -> Routes.user_path(Endpoint, :index, [page: page]) end} current_page={1} total_pages={10} />

Interactive pagination
  current_page={@pagination_page} total_pages={10}


Defaults are indicated in bold . In the `path` param you can specify :page as the place your page number will appear. e.g "/posts/:page" => "/posts/1"

Name Type Options
path :string -
sibling_count :integer -
boundary_count :integer -
link_type :string a , `live_patch`, `live_redirect`, `button`
class :string -