Components Links
Easily create links, live patches or live redirects (will become deprecated - read alert below).
As of Petal Components 0.18, we have renamed `link/1` to `a/1` to make way for Live View 0.18's new `link/1`. Please try and use the official `link/1` as we will eventually deprecate `a/1`.
          <.a to="/" class="" label="Link" />
<.a link_type="live_patch" to="/" class="" label="Link" />
<.a link_type="live_redirect" to="/" class="" label="Link" />

<!-- We use  -->
<.a to="/" method="put" class="" label="Link" />


Under the hood we use the functions:

All props are forwarded to these functions so you can do something like this:

          <.a to="/logout" method={:delete} class="" label="Logout" />

            # <.a>
  attr(:class, :string, default: "", doc: "CSS class for link")
  attr(:link_type, :string, default: "a", values: ["a", "live_patch", "live_redirect", "button"])
  attr(:label, :string, default: nil, doc: "label your link")
  attr(:to, :string, default: nil, doc: "link path")
  attr(:disabled, :boolean, default: false, doc: "disables your link")
  attr(:rest, :global, include: ~w(method download))
  slot(:inner_block, required: false)