Easily create links, live patches or live redirects.
        <.link to="/" class="" label="Link" />
<.link link_type="live_patch" to="/" class="" label="Link" />
<.link link_type="live_redirect" to="/" class="" label="Link" />

<!-- We use Phoenix.HTML.Link.link()  -->
<.link to="/" method class="" label="Link" />


Under the hood we use the functions:

All props are forwarded to these functions so you can do something like this:

        <.link to="/logout" method={:delete} class="" label="Logout" />


Defaults are indicated in bold.

Name Type Options
label :string -
class :string -
link_type :string a , `live_patch`, `live_redirect`, `button`
inner_block :slot -
[all additional properties] Will be forwarded to all link HTML elements.