Monthly Wrap Up - November

We soft-launched Petal Enhance! Right now there are 4 recipes available for free: NPM package manager, UUID, User first name & last name & Remove orgs.


1 month ago

Petal Enhance Preview

The major bit of news this month is that we soft-launched Petal Enhance! We know some of you have been checking it out already and we really think this is going to be a game-changer as it gives us the opportunity to build out a market place of functionality that can be pulled into any project without polluting the Petal Pro codebase. You can read more in depth about Petal Enhance and how it works below, but assuming you don’t make it that far I thought I’d let you know that we currently have 4 recipes available for free:

  • NPM package manager
    • app.js can import NPM packages. They will be stored in assets/node_modules.
  • UUID
    • Use UUIDs instead of sequential integers for IDs (all tables). Modifies migration files.
  • User first name & last name
    • Change to user.first_name and user.last_name. Modifies migration files.
  • Remove orgs
    • Petal Pro 1.4 comes with orgs functionality. Sometimes you may not need this.

You can check them out here. Give it a go and we’d love to hear your feedback!

Petal Enhance

Beyond the explanation provided above for the reasoning behind Petal Enhance, we thought we’d let you know how it works. You can get started with these 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a Petal project - project matches to any Phoenix application
  2. Connect your project to a Phoenix application- Use our mix project to sync your project to your app.
  3. Browse and apply patches - Browse patches from your localhost and apply them with the click of a button.

As mentioned above, there are 4 recipes you can get started with right now, but we’ll be looking to add new ones on a weekly/monthly basis and we have plans to open this marketplace up to the community so that users can submit their own recipes and allocate a price and keep 80% of the revenue (similar to

Petal Pro

Just some small improvements this month with Petal Pro as Matt took some time off to focus on his health and wellbeing (something important for us all to consider, especially the entrepreneurs out there that are undoubtedly overworked!).


  • Rename projects with a mix task instead of script

Fixes and cleanup

  • Fix Mailbluster unsubscribe route + documentation
  • Put petal_enhance in a better spot

Petal Marketing

We also made some changes to our payment method and moved back to Stripe. While Paddle handled the collection and payment of international sales taxes, we found that we didn’t quite have the level of control we were after that we got with Stripe.

Petal Components

Hex Downloads November

We’ve reached 60,000 total downloads! Hurray! We also converted all the components to the new Declarative Assigns & slots, but are doing some final checks so will most likely make a new release with this in December.

Fixes and cleanup

  • Bump phoenix from 1.6.14 to 1.6.15
  • Bump phoenix_live_view from 0.18.2 to 0.18.3
  • Bump ex_doc from 0.28.6 to 0.29.0
Thanks for reading