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Petal Pro v1.2.0 released!

We've released a major upgrade to Petal Pro with tonnes of new features and fixes.


1 year ago

Petal Pro v1.2.0 is now available to download for our subscribed members 👏

This version has been a major upgrade, almost worthy of calling it v2!

We’ve been hard at work seeking feedback from the community and improving Petal Pro to include some exciting new features.

Our goal as always is to get you up and running as quickly as possible, but let you craft your own masterpiece.

What’s new?

Social logins (Oauth2 SSO)

Social logins (Oauth2 SSO)

We’ve included Google & Github to get you started and make it super easy for you to enable login with any other OAuth provider you might want add to your app.

We’ve also included our very first Petal Pro component <.social_button> that produces beautiful social login buttons in two variants (“solid” and “outline”). Social button currently supports:

Google Github Facebook Twitter Apple Linkedin

Passwordless auth

Petal Pro guide

Users of your app can now register/sign in via a pin code sent to their email. It’s simple to enable or disable at any time.


CRUD interfaces

You can now optionally create an organization, invite & manage members, and more.

User lifecycle actions

Run code after actions like register, sign_in, sign_out, password_reset, etc

New generator

mix petal.gen.html (same args as phx.gen.html)

New component

<.markdown content=””> & <.pretty_markdown content=””> (uses Tailwind Typography plugin)

Added License and Privacy pages

Includes some content from a template to get you started

New layout

<.layout type=”public”> For public marketing related pages like landing, about us, privacy, etc

Hooks can now be run in dead views if compatible

(see color-scheme-hook.js as an example)

What’s changed?

  • Simpler config access (PetalPro.config(:app_name) instead of Application.get_env(:petal_pro, :app_name))
  • Refactor <.layout> to take less props
  • Refactor dark/light mode system. Much simpler now and no longer needs cookies
  • Put Petal Pro Components in their own folder for easier future upgrades (can duplicate if you want to modify them)
  • Sidebar and stacked layout have a new slot for the top right corner (if you want to add something like a notifications bell)

What’s fixed?

  • Log metadata wasn’t being cast
  • More user actions are logged
  • Fixed petal.live generator tests
  • Added tests for user settings live views

For a quick overview on upgrading from v1.1.0, please refer to this guide.

What’s next?

  • Stripe membership functionality
  • Admin dashboard with graphs/stats

Feature Requests

If you have any feature requests for an upcoming release, please create one on our roadmap.

Pricing Update

With the release of v1.2.0 we will be adjusting our pricing structure and license conditions. This will change to:

Single - $299 USD per site

Unlimited - $749 USD unlimited sites

Team - $1699 USD unlimited sites (can add up to 5 team members)

If you have purchased a license prior to the pricing change, your current license conditions will remain as they were for the period of your license. E.g if you purchased your Petal Pro license prior to today for $299 USD, you will be entitled to unlimited sites for the next 12 months at no extra charge.

That said, we wanted to give everyone a fair chance to grab Petal Pro for the introductory price of $299, so we’re offering a promo code that will expire in one week.

Promo code


Unlimited Sites for $299 USD.

Get in quick and take advantage of the introductory pricing while you can because this code will expire 8 June 2022 (UTC).

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